Hlalani is a Construction Project Management system developed in the Heart of the Garden route. The system was initially developed to ease the administrative burden on municipal housing projects, but it quickly grew into a comprehensive management environment.

The Heart of the system

At the core, the system has a comprehensive Inventory Management module. The systems caters for Material, Service and Tool Inventory items grouped into categories and sub-categories.

The system caters for the specification of building templates, be these house types or building components, like walls of certain dimensions.

Users are able to define a building type along with all of it's components, to enable them to quickly an efficiently generate a bill of materials or a request for quotation for a specific building type.

Permissions Management

We've built Hlalani, for flexibility and data security. The system allows companies to define their staff's roles and customise the level of access with in the system on a granular level.

Vendor Management

The system provides an integrated platform to manage, Clients, Supplier, Contractors and Consultants all in one easy to use interface. Whether it be storing contact information, requesting and evaluation quotations or assigning and issuing work load.

Realtime Access to data

Hlalani caters for, Client, Supplier, Contractor and Consultant logins, so that your entire project team can stay abreast with project progress, deliverables and any issues that may arise.

Comprehensive Stock Control

Whether you're running a small project or running a complex project with multiple storage depots, Hlalani allows you to manage your orders, deliveries and issues and report back on stock levels across your various locations. You can also gain insight into how much stock has been issued to a specific contractor at any given time.

Project Cost Management

Keeping track of invoicing is mission critical, when working on large or small projects and you can('t afford to have an account frozen or lose track of an incorrectly priced invoice. Hlalani allows you to log your invoices and compare costs to the suppliers tendered price and ensure you always get the right price. You're also able to report on payments due to a supplier and generate monthly batch payments.


We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive set of project reports allowing you to track your projects on multiple levels.


Hlalani was designed and developed in South Africa.

Our development and support teams have experience in managing support desks and providing remote support to users around the country.

Various training and support options will be made available in the near future as our user base grows and we get feedback from our users.

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